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~ Specials ~

- 1000w inSun Remote Switchable Magnetic Ballast - $69.97 -

- 1000w Hortigro HPS (High Pressure Sodium) Commercial Bulb (140k Lumens) - $35.97 -
- 1000w Hortigro High Output HPS Bulbs (145k Lumens) - $49.97 -
- 1000w Hortigro Metal Halide Ultra Blue Bulbs - $45.97 -

- Sunshine Mix #4 (Aggregate Plus) 3.8 cu ft Bag - $32.00 (lowest price anywhere!) -

~ Locations ~

Groco Bellevue - Corporate
1454 127th Place NE
Bellevue, WA 98004
Phone | 425.998.7212
Email | sales@grocosupply.com

Hours: M-F 11am to 6pm | Sat 11am to 5pm | Closed Sundays

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Groco Spokane
11306 E Montgomery Drive #4
Spokane Valley, WA 99204
Phone | 504.464.6970

Hours: M-F 11am to 7pm | Sat 11am to 5pm | Closed Sundays

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Groco Everett - CLOSED
Please contact us at our corporate store in Bellevue for information at 425.998.7212